AUHH-NPO-Founders; Angelika and Zelda
AUHH-NPO-Founders; Angelika and Zelda

Angels United Helping Hands was established in February 2015 by Angelika Redlitz (German citizen) and Zelda Lategan (South African citizen). In 2017 Angelika indicated that she will no longer continue her involvement as she is uncertain whether she would return to South Africa.

Our directorship consists of women only. We are mothers, daughters, and siblings who all come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have experienced various challenges in life.

Our aim is to have one or more degreed person/s in as many households as possible within disadvantaged communities. In achieving this it will assist many families to rise above poverty. This will change both the mindset and lifestyle of households and communities.

Our focus is to bring long-term solutions to our poorer communities. On 14 January 2016, we finalised and signed the constitution of A.U.H.H (Angels United Helping Hands). On 13 February 2017, A.U.H.H is proudly registered as an NPO, no. 185-174 NPO.

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